Barbour x Land Rover For Autumn Winter 2014

Barbour x Land Rover

If Barbour were ever going to collaborate with a vehicle brand, chances are it was going to be Land Rover. The Land Rover is synonymous with country living as is the Heritage brand that we all know and love so much.

The two iconic brands have collaborated on a number of new garments for the car manufacturers first foray into the world of apparel. Drawing upon their years of experience, Barbour have put together a collection of quilted and waxed jackets, warm scarves, hats and luggage for this exciting release. The collection as you would expect enforces a feeling of luxurious countrywear which is fitting for both brands. This preview of the collection is sure to build up some hype around the brand with the full collection expected to be released any time soon. Stay tuned for further news.

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Barbour Style On Pinterest

When you are on the lookout for a new Barbour, it is always nice to have a browse through a collection of images from people that are already wearing it. Social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter are full with pages supporting the brand but Pinterest is somewhat of a goldmine for Barbour fans looking for inspiration. Although it hasn’t been around for too long, the global success of Pinterest over the past few years has been phenomenal. Millions of users source imagery from around the World to add to their collection.

One such user is Laura Bonnell who has created Barbour Style.  This is one of the most comprehensive collections of Barbour inspired photographs that you are likely to find anywhere on the net.  A mixture of male and females are featured wearing a variety of jackets including Barbour waxed and quilted jackets.  Barbour wellies, accessories and knits are also available to view.  Check out her Pinterest board now.


Barbour Pinterest

Celebs Wearing Belstaff

Ewen McGregor Belstaff

Ewen McGregor and Charlie Boorman are both pictured wearing Belstaff jackets in this photo. The pair teamed up for the hit tv series Long Way Down and Long Way Round.  Wearing Belstaff jackets, the pair ventured off on their motorcycles in exhausting conditions to produce a quality tv programme which is now available to download from online stockists.

The individual jackets are actually a new style of jacket commissioned by Belstaff for the programme. Cordura 1500 was the chosen shell to protect the pair in the event of falling from their bikes and is perfect for the variations in temperatures that the pair faced.  The jacket is now commonly known by Belstaff as the ‘Long Way Down jacket

Buy Long Way Down priced at £10.99 from

Charlie Boorman Belstaff

Stone Island Mussola Prismatica Field Jacket

Stone Island Mussola Prismatica

The Stone Island Mussola Prismatica Field Jacket certainly has that wow factor that fans of the brand are attracted to.  Affectionately known as the ‘toffee wrapper’ jacket because of it’s glossy appearance, this eyecatching jacket is made from a unique fabric to Stone Island. Mussola Prismatica is created by joining a lightweight cotton muslin material to glossy transparent polyurethane film.  Double dye formulas are used in the base of the material to capture the colour which results in the deep and striking tones that you see in this fabric.

Stone Island Mussola Prismatica Jacket
The material is wind and water resistant but also refracts light which enhances the strength of the colour in the garment as well as helping the surface material to appear to have a 3D effect.  The chest area has two horizontal zip pockets and two lower velcro fastening pockets for storage.  The adjustable cuffs are also fastened with Velco along with the wind flap which conceals the full zip up fastening.

This stunning jacket is available in limited numbers.  It is available to buy from Aphrodite Clothing in Sunderland, UK – a Stone Island Official Stockist

The Most Popular Barbour Jackets 2011

Top 5 Barbour Jackets of 2011

In the last few years, Barbour have seen their sales increased phenomenally with styles such as the Barbour Liddesdale on many a man/womans Christmas list to Santa Claus.  This year their range of jackets and coats has increased again and new styles have been developed.  In this post we are going to show you the top 5 selling Barbour Jackets of 2011.

1.  Barbour Loach Jacket

Barbour Loach Jacket

2.  Barbour Track Quilt Liddesdale

Barbour Track Quilt Liddesdale

3.  Barbour Akenside

Barbour Akenside

4. Barbour Grasstrack Jacket

Barbour Grasstrack Jacket

5. Barbour Liddesdale

Barbour Liddesdale Jacket

As you can see, it seems to be the quilted Barbour jackets that a lot of people are buying this Winter.  The wax versions, especially the Barbour Pegasus and International are popular as always but the quilt is what everyone wants.  Different stores and brands are selling very similar styles and colours but a lot of people like to save their hard earned cash to grab a piece of Barbour.

A lot of shops online are starting to sell out of certain styles of Barbour and having to re-stock certain versions of the more popular styles.  We hope that this list has gave you some insight as to what you are sure to see on the streets of your local town over Winter.  Let us know if you have purchased a new Barbour and what style you have gone for.  Is it one of the more popular versions?

Barbour Jackets Sale

Good news.  There is a massive 20% off all styles of Barbour Jackets over at Aphrodite Clothing in Sunderland.  You can buy online or in-store now.  Their range includes the ever popular quilted Barbour Liddesdale jacket and Barbour International in waxed and quilted styles.  Newer styles for this season which have proved popular such as the Barbour Loach Jacket, the Powell, Explorer and Grasstrack Jackets are also included in the sale.  It’s a great opportunity to buy a piece of designer clothing which will keep you looking good and warm this Winter.

It’s not just Barbour jackets in the sale.  Others such as Belstaff Jackets, Fred Perry and Penfield are some of the others to have a fifth knocked off the price.

Belstaff Jackets

Belstaff Logo

Belstaff jackets are fast becoming a rival to Barbour in the must-have designer jackets and coats category.  Their focus on luxury and comfort pays off with some stunning pieces of outerwear.


Originally formed back in the 1920’s by Harry Grosberg in Stoke-On-Trent, Belstaff was initially known for designing waterproof clothes for both men and women.  They actually completed the milestone of creating the first waterproof clothing that was classed as ‘breathable’.  This is know commonly known as ‘wax cotton’, which Barbour are also famed for using.  In the 1930’s Belstaff were producing jackets and outerwear for the likes of people in the armed services and motorcyclists.

Current Times

Since then Belstaff have became more and more popular on a Worldwide level, creating a material called Belfresh, with the idea being that it keeps you cool in the warmer weather.  In the past few years, Belstaff jackets are commonly recognised in films.  Brad Pitt wore a leather jacket in the Curious Case of Benjamin Button and actually had a Belstaff Jacket named after him.  The Belstaff Brad jacket is a stunning piece of designer clothing, handmade from a luxurious leather.  Johnny Depp, Ewen McGregor and Will Smith have all been seen sporting Belstaff clothing or accessories.  Will Smith actually carried around a Belstaff bag around with him in the film I Am Legend.

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Barbour Black Sapper Jacket

Barbour Sapper Jacket

Barbour Sapper Jacket in Black is one of the latest styles of jackets to come from the South Shields based company.  A visually stunning piece of clothing, this stylish jacket has its roots based firmly in the motorcycle clothing of yesteryear.  Finished in a 100% black waxed cotton material, the jacket is internally lined with a Union Jack flag lining.

Barbour Sapper Jacket

It is branded internally and externally.  On the outside you will find a Barbour International badge as well as a Barbour patch with a Union Jack background which is stitched onto the front of the jacket.  To close the jacket you will find a branded zipper ring which fastens to the neck and a press stud closing wind flap.  Multi pocket functionality is another selling point to the jacket, offering ample storage while you are on the move.

This jacket is hitting the shelves now and is for sale from selected Official Barbour Stockists around £270.

Barbour Steve McQueen Hits The Shelves

Barbour Greenham JacketBarbour x Steve McQueen, the long awaited collaboration between the screen legend and the outerwear specialist is finally with us and available to buy.  The collaboration has been talked about for quite a while and they have had McQueen and Barbour fans around the world, eager for them to be released.  Finally last week, Barbour released the collections to independent outlets around the country and they are all reasonably priced.

The gorgeous Barbour x Mcqueen Greenham Jacket pictured at the top of the article is a 6oz sylkoil waxed slim fit jacket.  Taking inspiration from classic looking motorcycle jackets of bygone days, this jacket is going to be a hit this Autum/Winter.  Featuring a large print of Steve McQueen on the inside back and Barbour branding on the left arm, people are going to be envious of you wearing this jacket.  Quilt lining finishes the inside front of this full  zip up closing piece and the motorcycle inspiration is again evident with the leather racing collar.

Barbour x McQueen Competition Zip Through

Another impressive release from the collaboration is the Barbour x McQueen Competition Zip Through Cardigan.  Without a shadow of  a doubt, this iconic piece of clothing is one of the pieces from the collection that a lot of people will associate with the International Six Day Trials that McQueen competed in for the USA.  A full zip up, 5 gauge plated knit cotton cardigan with press stud fastening pockets.  Badges adorn the left arm area and add to the retro motorcycle feel.

There is no doubt that the Barbour x McQueen collaboration is going to be popular this season and people are going to be lucky to get hold of them as most stores have limited numbers available.  The full collection also contains t-shirts, shirts, other jackets and cardigans which we will be featuring soon on the Barbour Blog so stay with us for more news.

Celebrities Wearing Barbour – Steve Bruce

Barbour Jacket

With the Tyne-Wear football derby just around the corner we thought we’d bring our North East fans something they might be interested in.  Ok, so he’s not exactly model material but here is Sunderland manger Steve Bruce sporting a Barbour jacket.  We aren’t 100% sure which model he is actually wearing but it looks to us like the Barbour Chelsea Flyweight Jacket.  It is becomming increasingly popular for celebrities to be seen wearing Barbour and we want you to send in more pictures of your favourite celebrity wearing this fantastic designer brand.