David Beckham Style Icon… How To Dress Like The Man Himself!


David Beckham is one of the most stylish men around at the minute, men want to be him, women want to be with him… and I personally wouldn’t blame any of you for this guilty pleasure! He seems to be able to pull any item of clothing off with minimum effort and be bang on trend all year round (apart from a few slip ups during his career… we won’t mention the matching black leather Versace outfits him and Victoria were papped sporting at a party the Italian Label hosted in 1999. Yes David you should be ashamed!)

As we all haven’t got the wages of a multi-millionaire footballer, you might think this look can’t be achieved.. Think again! The secret is to mix things up a bit.

David Beckham has some staple pieces of his wardrobe which are must haves for any man. Included in these are the sunglasses, belts with lots of hardware, hats (all kinds and colours), thick wolly scarves, bags and logo T-shirts. But the main element is the jeans. Distressed Jeans which are worn and faded in all the right places, slim fit and boot cut, which gives the fitted but baggy look in all the right places. Starting with these pieces and adding to them you will soon be a trend setter amongst your friends, get a few tattoos and your half way there!