Celebs Wearing Belstaff

Ewen McGregor Belstaff

Ewen McGregor and Charlie Boorman are both pictured wearing Belstaff jackets in this photo. The pair teamed up for the hit tv series Long Way Down and Long Way Round.  Wearing Belstaff jackets, the pair ventured off on their motorcycles in exhausting conditions to produce a quality tv programme which is now available to download from online stockists.

The individual jackets are actually a new style of jacket commissioned by Belstaff for the programme. Cordura 1500 was the chosen shell to protect the pair in the event of falling from their bikes and is perfect for the variations in temperatures that the pair faced.  The jacket is now commonly known by Belstaff as the ‘Long Way Down jacket

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Charlie Boorman Belstaff

Celebs Wearing Dead Legacy

Celebrities Wearing Dead LegacyFootballers James Beattie and Billy Sharp were spotted wearing Dead Legacy t-shirts on Soccer A.M on Saturday.  Dead Legacy are renowned for their t-shirts with oversized prints that seem to be more and more popular over the last few weeks and months. The two t-shirts  are the Dead Legacy Gone Fishing T-Shirt and Dead Legacy Fear For Your Wife T-Shirt.

Every now and again we feature celebrities wearing certain brands on t.v or in magazines and these are just the latest celebs to be spotted.  If you see any more, please let us know via the contact form below

Comme des Garcons Play

Comme des Garcons PlayComme des Garcons Play is going to be massive this season.  Remember…we predicted it here first.  The Japanese label has been making waves in the fashion world and has been worn by celebrities around the World over the past year.

The Comme des Garcons brand itself was started in 1969 by Rei Kawakubo and over the past few decades has gone from strength to strength, designing fashion clothing for men and women as well as fragrances and accessories.  Comme des Garcons Play is a designer streetwear brand created for young men and women.  It’s instantly recognisable logo is the shape of  a heart with two eyes.  The logo was actually created in a collaboration between CDG and New York based Graphic Artist Filip Pagowski.

Celebs Wearing Comme des Garcons:
Over the past year celebrities around the World have been seen out and about sporting Comme des Garcons Play such as: –

  • Kanye West
  • Joe Jonas
  • Ellen Degeneres
  • Randy Jackson
  • Katie Holmes
  • Justin Bieber
  • Diane Kruger

Comme des Garcons PlayWhere Can I Buy Comme Des Garcons?:
Comme des Garcons can be purchased online at Aphrodite Clothing in Sunderland as well as the Comme des Garcons boutique at Dover Street Market.  Prices start at £70 for the t-shirts.

Barbour Celeb Spotting

Barbour JacketWe are going to start a new trend of spotting celebrities wearing Barbour.  You will all know that the more celebrities get snapped wearing a certain item of clothing and it appears online and in the press, the more the public wants it.

So here’s the first one to be spotted.  The lovely Holly Willoughby sporting a black quilted Barbour International Barbour Jacket whilst out and about on the streets of London.  You can buy the womens version online now from Joseph M.  The quilted Barbour jackets have been very popular this year amongst men and women, especially in black.  Maybe she’ll talk Phillip Schofield around to getting one.  Watch this space…