A Question Of ….

This week has seen the official launch of a new brand at Aphrodite Clothing, A Question Of.

The brand’s mission statement is to ‘make sustainable living a simple choice’. Their t-shirts are all made in Africa, helping to support the living and working conditions of the people of Africa, treating them with fairness and respect under the fair trade conditions.   Love and respect for the environment is key to their ethos along with making a better tomorrow. Eco friendly materials are used to reduce the impact on the environment and ranges made with pure organic cotton to offer sustainable craftsmanship.

A Question of is trying to take a new direction for the graphic tee’s, fostering diversity and creativity. A new way of thinking, ideas and inspiration have produced this brand which have created and fashioned some original and imaginative tees.

With only four Official Stockists in the United Kingdom, Aphrodite Clothing is pleased and extremely excited to welcome this exclusive brand on board.

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David Beckham Style Icon… How To Dress Like The Man Himself!


David Beckham is one of the most stylish men around at the minute, men want to be him, women want to be with him… and I personally wouldn’t blame any of you for this guilty pleasure! He seems to be able to pull any item of clothing off with minimum effort and be bang on trend all year round (apart from a few slip ups during his career… we won’t mention the matching black leather Versace outfits him and Victoria were papped sporting at a party the Italian Label hosted in 1999. Yes David you should be ashamed!)

As we all haven’t got the wages of a multi-millionaire footballer, you might think this look can’t be achieved.. Think again! The secret is to mix things up a bit.

David Beckham has some staple pieces of his wardrobe which are must haves for any man. Included in these are the sunglasses, belts with lots of hardware, hats (all kinds and colours), thick wolly scarves, bags and logo T-shirts. But the main element is the jeans. Distressed Jeans which are worn and faded in all the right places, slim fit and boot cut, which gives the fitted but baggy look in all the right places. Starting with these pieces and adding to them you will soon be a trend setter amongst your friends, get a few tattoos and your half way there!


Stone Island Mussola Prismatica Field Jacket

Stone Island Mussola Prismatica

The Stone Island Mussola Prismatica Field Jacket certainly has that wow factor that fans of the brand are attracted to.  Affectionately known as the ‘toffee wrapper’ jacket because of it’s glossy appearance, this eyecatching jacket is made from a unique fabric to Stone Island. Mussola Prismatica is created by joining a lightweight cotton muslin material to glossy transparent polyurethane film.  Double dye formulas are used in the base of the material to capture the colour which results in the deep and striking tones that you see in this fabric.

Stone Island Mussola Prismatica Jacket
The material is wind and water resistant but also refracts light which enhances the strength of the colour in the garment as well as helping the surface material to appear to have a 3D effect.  The chest area has two horizontal zip pockets and two lower velcro fastening pockets for storage.  The adjustable cuffs are also fastened with Velco along with the wind flap which conceals the full zip up fastening.

This stunning jacket is available in limited numbers.  It is available to buy from Aphrodite Clothing in Sunderland, UK – a Stone Island Official Stockist

Our Legacy Clothing

Our Legacy is one of the most talked about brands in the mens fashion industry at the moment. Hailing from Sweden, Our Legacy is a brand which focuses on simplicity and originality.  Their brand of no-frills clothing are hitting the headlines throughout Europe and each season, they are coming up with clothing that is redefining mens classic pieces of clothing.

Co-founders Cristopher Nying and Jockum Hallin use a selection of European fabrics to create comfortable pieces of clothing that are understated but you would be proud to wear.  They take old favourites such as sweaters and jumpers and ensure that the best quality fabrics are sourced to give theses original classics a new lease of life.

The simple Our Legacy Perfect Tee is one such example of such clothing.  It is a simple crew neck t-shirt which looks like most items of a similar nature but feel 100% better to touch.  Layered up with some clothing, especially an earthy looking Barbour Jacket would set it off.

Our Legacty Perfect Tee

View the official Swedish Our Legacy website here

Belstaff Jackets

Belstaff Logo

Belstaff jackets are fast becoming a rival to Barbour in the must-have designer jackets and coats category.  Their focus on luxury and comfort pays off with some stunning pieces of outerwear.


Originally formed back in the 1920’s by Harry Grosberg in Stoke-On-Trent, Belstaff was initially known for designing waterproof clothes for both men and women.  They actually completed the milestone of creating the first waterproof clothing that was classed as ‘breathable’.  This is know commonly known as ‘wax cotton’, which Barbour are also famed for using.  In the 1930’s Belstaff were producing jackets and outerwear for the likes of people in the armed services and motorcyclists.

Current Times

Since then Belstaff have became more and more popular on a Worldwide level, creating a material called Belfresh, with the idea being that it keeps you cool in the warmer weather.  In the past few years, Belstaff jackets are commonly recognised in films.  Brad Pitt wore a leather jacket in the Curious Case of Benjamin Button and actually had a Belstaff Jacket named after him.  The Belstaff Brad jacket is a stunning piece of designer clothing, handmade from a luxurious leather.  Johnny Depp, Ewen McGregor and Will Smith have all been seen sporting Belstaff clothing or accessories.  Will Smith actually carried around a Belstaff bag around with him in the film I Am Legend.

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Celebs Wearing Dead Legacy

Celebrities Wearing Dead LegacyFootballers James Beattie and Billy Sharp were spotted wearing Dead Legacy t-shirts on Soccer A.M on Saturday.  Dead Legacy are renowned for their t-shirts with oversized prints that seem to be more and more popular over the last few weeks and months. The two t-shirts  are the Dead Legacy Gone Fishing T-Shirt and Dead Legacy Fear For Your Wife T-Shirt.

Every now and again we feature celebrities wearing certain brands on t.v or in magazines and these are just the latest celebs to be spotted.  If you see any more, please let us know via the contact form below

Comme des Garcons Play

Comme des Garcons PlayComme des Garcons Play is going to be massive this season.  Remember…we predicted it here first.  The Japanese label has been making waves in the fashion world and has been worn by celebrities around the World over the past year.

The Comme des Garcons brand itself was started in 1969 by Rei Kawakubo and over the past few decades has gone from strength to strength, designing fashion clothing for men and women as well as fragrances and accessories.  Comme des Garcons Play is a designer streetwear brand created for young men and women.  It’s instantly recognisable logo is the shape of  a heart with two eyes.  The logo was actually created in a collaboration between CDG and New York based Graphic Artist Filip Pagowski.

Celebs Wearing Comme des Garcons:
Over the past year celebrities around the World have been seen out and about sporting Comme des Garcons Play such as: –

  • Kanye West
  • Joe Jonas
  • Ellen Degeneres
  • Randy Jackson
  • Katie Holmes
  • Justin Bieber
  • Diane Kruger

Comme des Garcons PlayWhere Can I Buy Comme Des Garcons?:
Comme des Garcons can be purchased online at Aphrodite Clothing in Sunderland as well as the Comme des Garcons boutique at Dover Street Market.  Prices start at £70 for the t-shirts.

Pretty Green Clothing Collaboration


Pretty Green - Liam Gallagher

Pretty Green Clothing, for anyone that hasn’t heard of them, is a mens designer clothing brand owned by Liam Gallagher of Oasis.  It can also be said after listening to a Noel Gallagher interview recently that the promotion of Pretty Green was part of the cause of Oasis breaking up.  Whether this was exagerated or not, it’s plainly obvious to the masses that Pretty Green is one of the most sought after designer brands amongst young men at the minute.  Celebrities around the UK have been seen wearing Pretty Green including Joe Cole and Amir Khan and more and more people are wearing it out and about town.  It might not strictly be a Barbour related post but we have realised that a lot of Barbour fans are Pretty Green fans too so we thought we’d bring you some of the latest news.

Paul Weller

Over the last few years, Pretty Green has grown in popular culture and now mod legend Paul Weller is now joining in on the act and has released his first collection.  The debut collection is a mixture of jackets, t-shirts, cardigans, and scarves amongst others.  It is undoubtably going to be popular with fans of Gallagher and especially Weller and we’d like to hear your thoughts on the collection.  You can see a full range of the Weller collaboration at the Pretty Green official site.  It’s a good place to check everything out Pretty Green.  There’s news, photos, ranges of clothing and lots more and is a really nicely laid out site.

If you are a Pretty Green fan in general without the collaboration material, Aphrodite Clothing in Sunderland have a large range of t-shirts, polo shirts, chinos and footwear which will take you a while to browse through and pick yourself something nice for the weekend.

Our Legacy Clothing – Autumn/Winter 2011

Our Legacy clothing is one of the up and coming designer brands of the moment.  Here at the Barbour blog we don’t normally highlight other brands but we are very impressed with the Our Legacy brand and what the young designers are doing with it at the moment.  The Swedish designers Cristopher Nying and Jockum Hallin have created an understated but quality, contemporary brand using a blend of English, Italian and Portugese fabrics.

Our Legacy ClothingThe idea behind the brand is that they take old classic pieces of clothing which could be seen in your grandads wardrobe and give them a modern twist.  It is possible to create a stylish, modern look with the Our Legacy brand whilst maintaining an very understated manner.  Many people don’t like to be too obvious with the brands that they wear and instead focus on quality and the materials that they are made from.  Our Legacy does this as well as anyone.  Aphrodite Clothing have a full range of Autumn/Winter 2011 in stock now