Where Can I Buy A Barbour Commander Jacket?

Barbour Commander Jacket

One question we’ve been asked countless times over the past few weeks is ‘Where can I find a Barbour Commander jacket?‘  The waxed Commander has probably been the best selling jacket since the resurgence of the Barbour Liddlesdale jacket a few years ago. So why is the Barbour Commander jacket so popular? It’s simply because of the hype that has been built up about the jacket since Daniel Craig wore a very similar piece in Skyfall as James Bond. It has now commonly been dubbed the ‘Skyfall jacket’ or the ‘Commander Skyfall jacket’. Various blogs have been featuring the jacket since Spring and there is a navy version coming your way before Christmas.

Many independent retailers underestimated how popular the jacket would be and simply didn’t buy enough of them to cope with demand.  Initially selling as a pre-order with many stockists, it was sold out in the majority of stockists before it even hit the shelves. We know of a few retailers that have ordered more but are still waiting for them to arrive.  Our contacts over at Aphrodite1994 have recently told us that they have just received ‘a large number’ of the jackets to cope with demand but again they expect them to sell pretty quickly.  They have kindly sent over a number of photos which we’ve featured in this article which they have taken recently.

Priced at £399.00, the Barbour Commander jacket is now available with free UK delivery…but hurry before they sell out.  Don’t say you weren’t warned!

Barbour Skyfall Jacket

Barbour Commander Skyfall Jacket

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