The Barbour Academy

Barbour Academy

Barbour and Hartlepool college have teamed up to work together on the Barbour Academy.  Situated on the first floor of the Barbour factory in South Shields, the Academy introduces students from a range of programmes into skilled areas such as textiles and sewing as well as warehousing, leadership and management. Facilities include two ICT rooms, a teaching room and a practical machine area. Dependant on your interests, there could well be a part of the courses that suits you.

This really is a good move from Barbour, teaching basic skills to those wanting to be employed in the textiles industry.  Not only does it give the students skills to make them more employable, it gives Barbour a chance to spot talent in-house without the need to strengthen every now and then from the outside marketplace.  Students are promised an interview with Barbour at the accumulation of their studies.

If you are interested you can read more about the programme over on the Barbour website or by calling 0191 454 8455 and one of the staff can give you the information you require.

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