Barbour Commander Skyfall Jacket In Stock

Barbour Commander Jacket

We have heard from our good friends at Aphrodite that they have just taken in more stock of the much hyped Barbour Commander jacket.  If you haven’t heard of it already, the Commander jacket is a waxed jacket from the newly created Barbur Department B collection which takes over from the Barbour x Tokito collection. More notably, the jacket is the same as the one Daniel Craig wore in Skyfall.  The piece is a full wax sylkoil jacket with leather accents and Barbour Dept B embroidered branding on the pocket.

Pre orders have been flying out across UK menswear independent retailers but Aphrodite took their first batch in a couple of weeks ago which sold out within a few days.

Eager fans of the brand have been snapping these up whilst those who are in the market to make a quick few quid have bought them and put them straight onto places like Ebay and Gumtree, commanding figures up to £1,000.

Buy your Barbour Commander jacket from Aphrodite now at for £399.00 and let us know what you think


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