Celebs Wearing Belstaff

Ewen McGregor Belstaff

Ewen McGregor and Charlie Boorman are both pictured wearing Belstaff jackets in this photo. The pair teamed up for the hit tv series Long Way Down and Long Way Round.  Wearing Belstaff jackets, the pair ventured off on their motorcycles in exhausting conditions to produce a quality tv programme which is now available to download from online stockists.

The individual jackets are actually a new style of jacket commissioned by Belstaff for the programme. Cordura 1500 was the chosen shell to protect the pair in the event of falling from their bikes and is perfect for the variations in temperatures that the pair faced.  The jacket is now commonly known by Belstaff as the ‘Long Way Down jacket

Buy Long Way Down priced at £10.99 from Play.com

Charlie Boorman Belstaff

A Question Of ….

This week has seen the official launch of a new brand at Aphrodite Clothing, A Question Of.

The brand’s mission statement is to ‘make sustainable living a simple choice’. Their t-shirts are all made in Africa, helping to support the living and working conditions of the people of Africa, treating them with fairness and respect under the fair trade conditions.   Love and respect for the environment is key to their ethos along with making a better tomorrow. Eco friendly materials are used to reduce the impact on the environment and ranges made with pure organic cotton to offer sustainable craftsmanship.

A Question of is trying to take a new direction for the graphic tee’s, fostering diversity and creativity. A new way of thinking, ideas and inspiration have produced this brand which have created and fashioned some original and imaginative tees.

With only four Official Stockists in the United Kingdom, Aphrodite Clothing is pleased and extremely excited to welcome this exclusive brand on board.

Aphrodite Clothing


How To Dress Like Brad Pitt

Bradd Pitt BelstaffSo you want to dress like Brad Pitt?  We can’t blame you.  He’s had a string of beautiful women including Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie.  Don’t worry, we are here to help.  We might not be Harley Street doctors who can perform facial reconstruction surgery but we can point you in the right direction of some clothing that might be able to help.

In The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Brad Pitt is seen wearing a Belstaff Panther Jacket. Retailing in the UK around the £980, the stunning vintage looking leather jacket is a small price to pay to be able to pull a woman of Angelina’s calibre!

Brad Pitt Belstaff Bag

Seen in this photo at the airport, Brad Pitt again is seen sporting Belstaff, this time in the form of a shoulder bag.  The Belstaff Shoulder Bag  is an eyecatching piece with multiple pockets and leather straps.  Retailing around £245 in the UK, it’s not the cheapest bag you’re going to purchase but again, can you put a price on looking good?

He has also been spotted wearing brands such as PRPS, Burberry, Tag and has been a face for the Edwin Jeans advertising material.  If you want us to feature any other bits and pieces from Brads wardrobe just let us know and we’ll sort it out.