Waterproof and Waxed Jackets…. A Brief History

Waterproof and Waxed Jackets are very popular in the United Kingdom, this is due to many reasons one being the ridiculous changeable British weather!

As it’s St Georges Day, we have been looking at British Brands and how they have developed and evolved over the years.

Waterproof jackets are made up of fabric which has been treated to prevent water penetration. Waterproof garment were first intended for industrial use and were designed for function rather than style.

This has dramatically changed in the past 10 years or so. Men are becoming more and more style conscience, so waterproof jackets, even for work need to have an element of style to them.

The term ‘Waterproof’ refers to conformance to a governing specification and specific conditions of a laboratory test method.

The normal types of waterproof jackets are usually natural fabric coated with waterproofing material.

The first Waterproof coat was created in 1823 in the Mackintosh family textile factory. They invented the waterproof cloth and in 1830 they merged with clothing company Thomas Hancock resulting in the production of the rubberised coats which spread all over the UK. The British Army and the UK Police force were using these types of jackets and coats.

Over the years the coats have had problems, in particular melting in hot weather, so testing and experimentation helped solve many problems.

Today waterproof coats still proof popular for the modern everyday man aswel as the outdoor nature lover.

Waxed jackets

Waxed jackets have proved very popular over the past few years too. Barbour, which was mostly used by farmers and outdoor folk including hunting, shooting and fishing, has now made it into the main stream fashion line, resulting in many high street stores producing their own versions of the traditional Barbour.


A waxed jacket is classed as a type of rain coat made from waxed cotton. The cotton jackets are made water resistant by paraffin based waxing, which makes the jacket highly water resistant, breathable and without the stiffness and yellowing with age. These jackets need to be warm so they typically have a leather collar and tartan collar.


Men’s Designer Jackets come in a number of brands, shape, sizes and colours. To view a wide range of jackets, Including Barbour, Belstaff, Pretty Green, C.P Company and many more head over to Aphrodite Men’s Designer Jackets.




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