Our Legacy Clothing

Our Legacy is one of the most talked about brands in the mens fashion industry at the moment. Hailing from Sweden, Our Legacy is a brand which focuses on simplicity and originality.  Their brand of no-frills clothing are hitting the headlines throughout Europe and each season, they are coming up with clothing that is redefining mens classic pieces of clothing.

Co-founders Cristopher Nying and Jockum Hallin use a selection of European fabrics to create comfortable pieces of clothing that are understated but you would be proud to wear.  They take old favourites such as sweaters and jumpers and ensure that the best quality fabrics are sourced to give theses original classics a new lease of life.

The simple Our Legacy Perfect Tee is one such example of such clothing.  It is a simple crew neck t-shirt which looks like most items of a similar nature but feel 100% better to touch.  Layered up with some clothing, especially an earthy looking Barbour Jacket would set it off.

Our Legacty Perfect Tee

View the official Swedish Our Legacy website here

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