Barbour Gloves

Barbour GlovesWith the winter weather firmly taking a grip on the UK, people are hunting high and low for a nice pair of gloves to go with their winter outfits.  Barbour as you would expect have a range of Barbour gloves, scarves and hats to accessories your outfit and look good.  In this post we are going to centrate on just the gloves for now.

Leather gloves for years have been sought after as a luxury accessory to an outfit.  This year, Barbour have released some stunning quilted gloves which have been proving very popular in the last few weeks.  An ideal addition to a quilted Barbour jacket, these leather gloves are finished with a press stud fastening strap and a warm ribbed cuff to keep the wind from getting to you.  Available in Black or Brown, these are the ultimate luxury accessory for Christmas for any Barbour fan.

In addition to the quilted style, Barbour have released a pair of gloves of half and half cable knit/leather gloves.  These functional gloves have a cable knit finish to the top and a leather palm and finger area which will help with gripping.

If you prefer something a little more traditional, they have a range of plain Black and Brown leather gloves for you to get your hands on…and into.

We think that any of these styles of gloves would make a much appreciated Christmas gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself.  Go on…you know you want to!

Designer Christmas Gifts

It’s that time of year that a lot of people are looking for some designer Christmas Gifts  to treat a loved one with.  There’s no better feeling than watching someone you love open a gift which you’ve put lots of thought into and seeing their delight at your purchase.  Here are our top 5 websites to help you on your quest to get the best at Christmas.

1. Mens Designer Clothing – Aphrodite Clothing (Mens Designer Clothing)

2.  Designer Childrenswear – Avenue Designer (Childrens Designer Clothing)

3.  Menkind – Selection of gifts/gadgets for men

4.  Amazon – The hugely popular website for books, DVDs, electricals

5. – The massive DVD retailer based offshore meaning you get DVDs cheaper than in a lot of places

We hope that this little list will give you an insight into some of the better places to shop online this Christmas.  Keep an eye out for these retailers in the sales this Christmas too as you’re sure to bag yourself a bargain or too.

The Most Popular Barbour Jackets 2011

Top 5 Barbour Jackets of 2011

In the last few years, Barbour have seen their sales increased phenomenally with styles such as the Barbour Liddesdale on many a man/womans Christmas list to Santa Claus.  This year their range of jackets and coats has increased again and new styles have been developed.  In this post we are going to show you the top 5 selling Barbour Jackets of 2011.

1.  Barbour Loach Jacket

Barbour Loach Jacket

2.  Barbour Track Quilt Liddesdale

Barbour Track Quilt Liddesdale

3.  Barbour Akenside

Barbour Akenside

4. Barbour Grasstrack Jacket

Barbour Grasstrack Jacket

5. Barbour Liddesdale

Barbour Liddesdale Jacket

As you can see, it seems to be the quilted Barbour jackets that a lot of people are buying this Winter.  The wax versions, especially the Barbour Pegasus and International are popular as always but the quilt is what everyone wants.  Different stores and brands are selling very similar styles and colours but a lot of people like to save their hard earned cash to grab a piece of Barbour.

A lot of shops online are starting to sell out of certain styles of Barbour and having to re-stock certain versions of the more popular styles.  We hope that this list has gave you some insight as to what you are sure to see on the streets of your local town over Winter.  Let us know if you have purchased a new Barbour and what style you have gone for.  Is it one of the more popular versions?

Barbour Jackets Sale

Good news.  There is a massive 20% off all styles of Barbour Jackets over at Aphrodite Clothing in Sunderland.  You can buy online or in-store now.  Their range includes the ever popular quilted Barbour Liddesdale jacket and Barbour International in waxed and quilted styles.  Newer styles for this season which have proved popular such as the Barbour Loach Jacket, the Powell, Explorer and Grasstrack Jackets are also included in the sale.  It’s a great opportunity to buy a piece of designer clothing which will keep you looking good and warm this Winter.

It’s not just Barbour jackets in the sale.  Others such as Belstaff Jackets, Fred Perry and Penfield are some of the others to have a fifth knocked off the price.