Barbour Beacon Heritage

barbour beacon brand

Barbour Beacon Brand refers to the infamous lighthouses of South Shields in the North East of England, recently made popular by the To Ki To collaboration which thrives on inspirational and imaginative design. The Barbour Tokihito Jackets are purposely over engineered taking over 11 hours to produce one product, these designer jackets give off the impression of functionality when in reality they are more casual.

barbour tokihito jacket fisherman sageEach Barbour Jacket in the Tokihito collaboration provides a plethora of features, designed to represent the functionality behind the traditional workers jacket. The Barbour Tokihito Fishermans Jacket displays all the expected functionality expected in a fishermans jacket however made purposely for the casual wearer and not intended for actual fishing use.

Barbour Beacon Brand will be extending its collaborations in the future and expect to hear of a lot more of exciting new designs and concepts, Tokihito Yoshida is only one of the steps to prove the expert craft behind the Barbour Beacon legacy.

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