Barbour x Grenson Shoes Collaboration

Grenson x Barbour
Barbour x Grenson
Barbour have teamed up with leading UK shoe outfit Grenson for their upcoming intruiging footwear collection this season.  The fusion of two of Englands finest producers of outerwear and footwear promises to be one of the most exciting in a long time.  Both manufacturers have been creating and shipping products around the globe since the 1800’s.  Their innovative ideas behind their products have assisted their longevity in the clothing market for this amount of time.

About The Shoes
The shoes are hand crafted in Northampton in a painstaking, time consuming process.  The result is a high quality handmade shoe/boot made from premium leather and finished with exquisite detailing throughout.  Barbour and Grenson aren’t producing this collection to make money.  They are more expensive than a normal pair of Grensons but the manufacturing time and materials used are just covered by the cost.  They are doing it simply to generate a bit of coverage around the globe for the two brands.

Styles Available

Acklam Shoes

Barbour Grenson Acklam Boots



Barbour Grenson Cayton Esspresso


Barbour x Grenson Marske ShoesBarbour Grenson Tan Shoes
We will in future feature certain styles of these shoes in more depth showing close ups when we get our hands on them.  The boxes and shoe bags that they come packaged up in are particularly appealing with a very vintage look and feel to it.  Keep your eyes peel Barbour fans for further news

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