Barbour: 5 Reasons To Wear Barbour

5 reasons to wear barbour

1. Celebrities Love Barbour!

Be like a celebrity and get yourself one of the highly popular designer jackets, ever popular for their style and finesse these Babour Jackets are proving to be a popular item all year round. The legendary steve mqueen range is massively popular!

celebrities barbour

2. Glastonbury: Barbour Concert Wear

glastonbury barbour

Designer clothing perfect for the festival weather trials and tribulations. Moving with the trends of modern day fashion they are now looked at as a highly desirable label while still maintaining the core values of their heritage.

3. Summer Sales include Barbour Jackets

barbour sale

With the Summer apparently already upon us, you would think you would need to dress accordingly, however these designer Barbour Jackets allow you to look ever fashionable with a massive summer sale on at aphrodite, don’t miss out on the perfect bargain!

4. Weather perfect for Barbour

barbour weather

It may be summer, but its still pretty cold!

5. Wimbledon and Barbour.

Wimbledon is here, celebrities go to the games and you want to be seen with them in the best possible etire! Barbour Jackets are perfect for the wimbledon experience if you are at the games or just an avid fan watching from home. With Barbour you can proove to yourself that you are better dressed than most tennis players! Imagine Andy Murray beating Nadal to get into the wimbledon final and looking up into the crowd to see a sea of Barbour. He would be so jelous he would just give up and go home!

murray gutted

Andy has recently been seen sporting a bag featuring popular facebook/twitter messages posted to him wishing him luck in the wimbledon tournament, but lets face it the bag has nothing on a barbour bag.

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