When Did Barbour Become Popular Again

Until the last few years, Barbour was a name synonymous with rich country boys, farmers and the Royal Family.  Realistically who would want to wear a jacket that the Queen or Prince Charles were seen sporting?  Not many of us unless you had pockets full of money and lived in a country mansion or farmers up early in the pouring rain, shearing their sheep.

So at what point did Barbour become a must have designer brand, so in demand by the mainstream public?  Well let me take you back to Glastonbury in 2008.  Think back to the pouring rain and the mud baths that followed.  Certain celebs started donning their Barbour Jackets to protect themselves from the elements and in turn created a new trend of designer wear.  Some wore them with the other staple festival fashion item, the wellies whilst others took a more fashionable approach and mixed them up with their normal designer clothing.  Being a popular festival around the world, the pictures ended up around the Internet and national press and soon everyone wanted to jump on the bandwagon and get into the Barbour trend.

Barbour JacketThe likes of Lily Allen, a  regular festival performer is one such celebrity to have been seen sporting Barbour on numerous occasions.  She even took to wearing a Barbour Jacket as an evening coat over her dress and it didn’t look at all out of place.

So how long will this trend last we ask?  For a long long time to come hopefully.  There doesn’t seem to be any sign of the Barbour bandwagon stopping.  With their upcoming collaborations with Steve McQueen and Tokito they are looking to take the Autumn and Winter 2011 by storm.  Add to that their expanding list of t-shirts, bags, knitwear and shirts, Barbour are here to stay for the foreseeable future

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