Barbour: 5 Reasons To Wear Barbour

5 reasons to wear barbour

1. Celebrities Love Barbour!

Be like a celebrity and get yourself one of the highly popular designer jackets, ever popular for their style and finesse these Babour Jackets are proving to be a popular item all year round. The legendary steve mqueen range is massively popular!

celebrities barbour

2. Glastonbury: Barbour Concert Wear

glastonbury barbour

Designer clothing perfect for the festival weather trials and tribulations. Moving with the trends of modern day fashion they are now looked at as a highly desirable label while still maintaining the core values of their heritage.

3. Summer Sales include Barbour Jackets

barbour sale

With the Summer apparently already upon us, you would think you would need to dress accordingly, however these designer Barbour Jackets allow you to look ever fashionable with a massive summer sale on at aphrodite, don’t miss out on the perfect bargain!

4. Weather perfect for Barbour

barbour weather

It may be summer, but its still pretty cold!

5. Wimbledon and Barbour.

Wimbledon is here, celebrities go to the games and you want to be seen with them in the best possible etire! Barbour Jackets are perfect for the wimbledon experience if you are at the games or just an avid fan watching from home. With Barbour you can proove to yourself that you are better dressed than most tennis players! Imagine Andy Murray beating Nadal to get into the wimbledon final and looking up into the crowd to see a sea of Barbour. He would be so jelous he would just give up and go home!

murray gutted

Andy has recently been seen sporting a bag featuring popular facebook/twitter messages posted to him wishing him luck in the wimbledon tournament, but lets face it the bag has nothing on a barbour bag.

Barbour Jackets Sale Now On


Barbour jackets and accessories have been reduced in the massive sale now on at Aphrodite Clothing.  These include the popular Barbour Liddesdale jackets for £63.75, the Barbour Nylon International for £112.50 and the Barbour Chelsea Jacket for £75 as well as many more.  The summer sale includes a selection of stock from other designer brands so head on over and take a look at what there is to offer.

Glastonbury 2011 Line Up – Who Will Be Wearing Barbour?

GlastonburyIt’s that time of year again when Glastonbury is upon us.  And Yes….it’s raining already in the UK.  It is without doubt ‘THE’ music festival for mud loving music fans all over the globe. In past years, Barbour became fashionable in mainstream culture with the influential music stars such as Lily Allen donning their Barbour Jackets and wellies for the annual mud fest that is Glastonbury. Looking down the Glastonbury 2011 line up, there looks like there could be plenty of stars on stage wearing Barbour. We’ll be keeping an eye out on TV and in the press for anyone famous wearing Barbour and we’ll be first to post pictures next week as soon as we get them. Alternatively if you are a Barbour fan and are going to Glastonbury, do us a favour and get lots of pictures took while you’re down there and we’ll feature them here on the Barbour Blog.  We can also feature them on our Facebook page and make you famous! 🙂

Drapers Directory Barbour Factory Visit

Drapers Online have a very interesting article on a recent visit to the Barbour Factory in South Shields.  Complete with some fascinating pictures giving you an insight into what happens at the Barbour Factory this article makes for a great read.

Barbour International 75th Anniversary

Barbour International JacketBarbour are celebrating 75 Years of the Barbour biker jacket.  The iconic Barbour International Jacket has been commemorated with the release of the Barbour Nylon International Jacket.  Seven nylon jackets have been released which are said to be inspired from the 1970 racing suits.

Barbour International JacketThese colourful jackets come in yellow, blue, navy and many more colours complete with the large Barbour patch on the chest and multi pockets.  A brass buckle belt runs through the middle of the coat which has press stud fastening in multiple places.  Most importantly for a biker jacket, it is splash resistant.

Barbour International Jacket

Barbour Celeb Spotting

Barbour JacketWe are going to start a new trend of spotting celebrities wearing Barbour.  You will all know that the more celebrities get snapped wearing a certain item of clothing and it appears online and in the press, the more the public wants it.

So here’s the first one to be spotted.  The lovely Holly Willoughby sporting a black quilted Barbour International Barbour Jacket whilst out and about on the streets of London.  You can buy the womens version online now from Joseph M.  The quilted Barbour jackets have been very popular this year amongst men and women, especially in black.  Maybe she’ll talk Phillip Schofield around to getting one.  Watch this space…

When Did Barbour Become Popular Again

Until the last few years, Barbour was a name synonymous with rich country boys, farmers and the Royal Family.  Realistically who would want to wear a jacket that the Queen or Prince Charles were seen sporting?  Not many of us unless you had pockets full of money and lived in a country mansion or farmers up early in the pouring rain, shearing their sheep.

So at what point did Barbour become a must have designer brand, so in demand by the mainstream public?  Well let me take you back to Glastonbury in 2008.  Think back to the pouring rain and the mud baths that followed.  Certain celebs started donning their Barbour Jackets to protect themselves from the elements and in turn created a new trend of designer wear.  Some wore them with the other staple festival fashion item, the wellies whilst others took a more fashionable approach and mixed them up with their normal designer clothing.  Being a popular festival around the world, the pictures ended up around the Internet and national press and soon everyone wanted to jump on the bandwagon and get into the Barbour trend.

Barbour JacketThe likes of Lily Allen, a  regular festival performer is one such celebrity to have been seen sporting Barbour on numerous occasions.  She even took to wearing a Barbour Jacket as an evening coat over her dress and it didn’t look at all out of place.

So how long will this trend last we ask?  For a long long time to come hopefully.  There doesn’t seem to be any sign of the Barbour bandwagon stopping.  With their upcoming collaborations with Steve McQueen and Tokito they are looking to take the Autumn and Winter 2011 by storm.  Add to that their expanding list of t-shirts, bags, knitwear and shirts, Barbour are here to stay for the foreseeable future

Barbour x Steve McQueen Collaboration

Exciting news for fans of Barbour. They have done a collaboration with Steve McQueen, one of the most iconic figures among men over the past century. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Barbours International Motorcycle Clothing line, they have teamed up with Mcqueen, who you is infamous for his exploits on a motorcycle in the famous getaway scene in The Great Escape. In the 60’s, McQueen actually wore a Barbour jacket to take part in a motorcycle race in East Germany. In fact, Barbour was the staple motorcycle jacket for most of the British International Motorbike teams from the mid 30’s through to the mid 70’s

The upcoming commemorative collection of Barbour clothing looks very much worth waiting for. They are doing a collection of jackets, t-shirts, knits and shirts. As usual though, it’s their McQueen motorcycle jackets that people are talking about. Some feature a large print of Steve McQueen inside the lining of the jacket which are bound to be popular. We are in particular looking forward to the upcoming Barbour Penton and Bud Jackets which are adorned with the American flag on the lining of the jacket. Nice indeed. They should be available from official stockists of Barbour around the world from this August.
Steve McQueen Barbour Jacket

A History Of Barbour

J Barbour & Sons Ltd is a British clothing manufacturer, best known for their Barbour Jackets & Coats.  Founded back in 1894 by John Barbour who hailed from Galloway in Scotland, the company has grown from strength to strength over the past century.  Originally selling all sorts of “drapery” including outerwear, boiler suits and even underwear, it was his Beacon brand oilskin coats that really proved popular.  Being based in the fishing town of South Shields in the North East of England, the fishermen in the port were keen to snap up this protective clothing to protect them from the cold conditions. The family business was then passed down to Johns sons and over the generations has been passed down again and again.

Today, Barbour can boast a brand recognised internationally and have over the past couple of years became a fashion essential.  Worn by male and female celebrities around the globe in the 21st century, Barbour was reborn as a designer brand and has it’s place in street fashion.  Originally famous for their waxed “farmer” jackets, Barbour have expanded into popular culture with a large range of wax, quilted and waterproof coats.  Not only do they produce outerwear, but now produce other clothing and accessories including bags including the iconic Barbour Union Jack Bag.  The longevity of Barbour products and quality of the manufacturing is what makes them so popular.  Barbour have now produced over 2,000 products in two seasons, catering for men, women and children.

In the UK alone, Barbour has 11 retail shops and many official stockists.  Across the rest of the World, Barbour now have a presence in 40 countries including the likes of Germany, USA, Italy, Spain and Japan.